Thursday, April 19, 2012

Walking with Bailey in Paw Park

When I was growing up I don't think there was anything such as a "paw park".  I actually don't remember anyone ever even walking their dog in the 1960s or 70s, at least not in the little town in Michigan where I lived.  Now there is everything for a dog and people treat them like humans, my husband and I included!  Even though we have two human daughters, we speak of our West Highland Terrier, Bailey, as our son.  And believe me, he thinks he IS a person.  You would think that too if you saw him and my husband every night sitting on the couch watching TV.  And I mean actually sitting up in my husband's arms, not lying down like a normal dog does.

When I have been gone for a lot of the day I feel guilty for leaving Bailey alone, so I make an extra effort to spend time with  him, like taking him to the Brohard Paw Park in Venice just south of Sharky's on the Pier.  He loves to go there and smell all the other dogs, of which there are always many.  There is a great fenced in grassy area that leads to a walkway and then a board walk down to the beach.  We took him down to the water just one time and he was not impressed.  Though he loves a bath in the kitchen sink, he does not like to be in the pool or in the Gulf.  Now, just before we get to the beach, he turns around on his own and heads back.  That boy knows his own mind!

The photo above is from the walkway heading towards the beach.  Right beside Paw Park, is Maxine Barritt Park, which you can see through the fence.  I have never been to that park, but it has a heavenly walking trail around the small lake that looks like it gets tons of use.

A very interesting thing happened to me last evening as I was heading down the walkway.  A youngish (28 - 32?) man who was walking a very large dog, started to chat with me in a friendly way and wouldn't you know it - Bailey decided to do a #2 business.  We were right by the "mutt mitts", the plastic bags to pick up those things, and as I went to go get one, the young man said, "I'll pick that up for you" and he did!  Have you ever heard of that happening in your life??!  Not only did he pick it up in his bag, he carried it all along the walkway until we reached the trash can.  I could hardly believe it.  When I told my single daughter about it, she said, "Did you get his phone number for me?"  I now believe the dog park is the perfect place for singles to meet up!  Just another added benefit to dog ownership!  You are welcome, all you single people, for that tip!  And by the way, I'm not sure if he did that just to be kind, or if he thought I was cute, or if he thought I was too elderly to pick it up myself.  I choose to believe the second one.

The photo above is of Bailey on the walkway.  Doesn't he have just the cutest face?  He is a dear and I am so glad there are places like Brohard Paw Park to take my boy for a treat!

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