Thursday, January 19, 2012

NCJW's Women in Power Luncheon

Four terrific women, four terrific stories, that's what you heard and saw at the 30th anniversary National Council of Jewish Women's 30th Anniversary Women in Power Luncheon yesterday. 

The co-chairs of the luncheon were Nina Japhe and Janet Stollman and the luncheon appeared to run really well.  At first I thought I had gotten there late even though it was only 11:50 AM and everyone was already sitting down and they were starting the welcome.  But after the welcome and invocation, there was mingle time before the entree was served, so I had plenty of time to chat and take photos.  By the way, I have been to so many Jewish events lately, I think I am learning the words to the prayer before the meal!  Really, I am!

I know all four ladies honored, some better than others, but it is interesting what you learn about each one at an event like this.  I'm sure you know at least a little about each one, too, so I'm just going to tell you a small interesting tidbit about each....Margaret Callihan worked on her college newspaper at Vanderbilt, called, The Hustler.  Okay, now it wasn't just Hustler, thank goodness, it was The Hustler.  Betsy Kane Hartnett said one of the quotes she lived by was by Golda Meir - "Don't be humble, you're not that great".  I love, love, love that quote!  Eva Slane told of how after her very long and full life, she is now living off the interest and dividends from all the deposits she has put into her life's bank account, by being able to do so much voluntarism.  And the person who surprised me most of all?  Anne Weintraub, someone who seems like such a superwoman, that it was quite amazing to me to hear about several quite serious failures she had when she was younger.  I thought that was a meaningful lesson for all of us to hear, but especially the younger gals.  Thanks for sharing, Anne!

One other fabulous thing...I forgot to get a photo of the scrumptious dessert because I dove right into it.  It is my absolute favorite dessert at MOE.  Whenever I chair something there, I try to always have it.  I even got Phil to give the recipe to me for the Junior League cookbook!  What is this delicious concoction?  Macadamia Nut Tart (Or something like that.  I couldn't put my finger on my JL cookbook and when I went to the MOE web-site to get the correct name, the under the dessert menu section, it said "coming soon", so this is the best I can do!)  I noticed most people at my table at the whole thing!

Others attending in addition to those photographed below were:  Jan Selwitz Segal, Mayor Suzanne Atwell, Ilene Fox, Vivienne Smith, Gloria Moss, Kay Kipling, Elizabeth Lindsay, Cookie Bloom, Greg Band, Kim Githler, Graci McGillicuddy, Judy Cuppy, Kyla Weiner, Alice Cotman, Gerri Aaron, Sally Yanowitz, Betty Schoenbaum, Andria Bilan, Rose Chapman, Jo Rutstein, Brian Lipton, Angel Hissom, Carolyn Johnson, Gayle Guynup and many, many more!

Betsy Kane-Hartnett and Margaret Callihan

Anne Weintraub and Eve Slane

Felice Schulaner and Teri Hansen

Linda DesMarais and Wendy Resnick

Phil King and Johnette Cappadona

Mack Reid and Tamara Chapman

Diane McFarlin and Flori Roberts

Estelle Crawford, Maram Schuster, and Jane Lautner

Judy Cahn and Jan Chester

Pauline Joerger and Marjorie North

Ellen Berman and Flora Major

Jane Smiley and Janice Zarro

Jocelyn Stevens and Denise Cotler

Audrey Coleman and Wendy Hopkins

Sandy Loevner

Caroline Zucker and Lee Byron

Marty Katz and Jessica Ventimiglia

Christine Jennings, Marian Moss, and Kay Mathers

Nancy Roucher and Lisa Rubinstein

Jewel Ash and Janet Hunter


  1. Thanks Debbi, you always do such a good job!!

    Mack Reid