Friday, December 9, 2011

Gloria's Christmas Coffee

What a terrific way to start the week on Monday at Gloria Koach's Christmas Coffee.  I always appreciate being invited as it is a great opportunity to catch up with lots of Junior League friends from back in the day when we were Actives, which was, ahem, a few years ago!  May I just say a few words about the Junior League?  What a marvelous way to meet life-long friends while you are learning to run meetings, improve the community, and coordinate fundraising events.  I wouldn't trade my League experience for anything.  It was the best thing I ever did.  I have worked on many committees with most of the ladies below and I treasure that time.  Okay, I will just say it - I love the Junior League of Sarasota!  Even though as a Sustainer, I have gone on to become involved with many other organizations, nothing holds a candle to the Junior League in my heart.  While not everyone below is a Junior League member, the majority are or have been.  What treasures!

Anyway....I digress.  Gloria's home was, as you can see in the photos below, very festively decorated and felt very Christmasy.  The food was delish and the company delightful.  A funny I was standing by the door talking with Jane Longino, back through the door comes Emilie Kimbrough, who had been gone for awhile.  Why did she return?  Oh just a little matter of taking the wrong handbag!  She was too funny.  She said she had gotten to the grocery store and went to pay the cashier and didn't really notice she had the wrong handbag or wallet because they both look very close to hers, but when she opened the wallet, she said to herself, "this isn't the amount of money I had".  As she got to looking at it, she realized she had picked up Wendy Hopkins bag when she left and not her own - Oh my!  Anyway, all was remedied when she returned and promised to pay Wendy back the $20 she spent!

Thanks, Gloria, for being a perennial date on my Christmas calendar! xo

Marilynn Koach, Gloria Koach, and Alice Pollard

Meg Ferlise and Amy Lyons

Marsha Devitt and Kim Binkley Seyer

Paula Berman and Caroline Donnelly

Claudia Porter and Donna Barcomb

Bev Koski and Patti Wilson

Adelaide Farrell and Emilie Kimbrough

Dana Vega and Mary Beth Goddard

Wendy Hopkins, Valerie Dorr, and Megan Natherson

Jacki Boedecker and Melissa Dunlap

Alison Elizalde, Chris Lindsay, and Leslie Jeffrey

Jody Maxwell and Beth Martin

Jane Longino and Rebecca St. Pierre 

Festive entrance to Gloria's home

In the foyer

The living room Christmas tree

The dining table filled with treats

Stockings hung by the chimney with care....

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